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Let us imagine a great and wonderful future – of things that might yet be.  Let us imagine life without a Calgary Taxi Commission.

This may seem a curious place to start, but perhaps not when we consider that this is a comparatively easy intrusion on our lives that can be dispensed with.  In fact there can be no argument in support of continuation of this absurdity.  And we have to start somewhere.

Public safety would demand that we offer to visitors and Calgary citizens some measure of assurance of safety and common standards.  So without a taxi commission we would license drivers with a special task to ensure safety, knowledge and standards of demeanor.  And cars – with special license plates would be identifiable and recognized by anyone.  These cars would have been inspected within the last three months and certified as being roadworthy.  That would be the end of the issue.  The cars would be inspected and assured of safety standards and the drivers would be trained and competent.

And driver and car testing would be random and regular on an ongoing basis.  And that is all there would be to be done.  Easy Peasy.  One less intrusion upon our city’s commerce.

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