Challenges of Youth

baby-84626_1280 pixabayThe relative youth and immaturity of the new ND caucus for Alberta can may mean that the civil service will be more in charge than ever.

Stories abound from earlier Ministers who had vast experience and knowledge being flummoxed and confounded by the machinations of a skilled civil service based in Edmonton. They were used to having their way with experts. They will more than have their way with amateurs.

It remains to be seen whether that’s good or bad. Those who fear the worst from the NDs probably can take some considerable comfort in the stability that the civil service will offer. We can, however, foresee continuation of past policies from an entrenched and ideologically committed public service.

baby-204185_1280 pixabayUnlike many who hold the view that the AB civil service is deeply PC based, my experience and observation is that the AB civil service is independent and committed to the goals of civil servants everywhere. Those goals are simple. Ever-larger departments and budgets to expand both careers and opportunities to do “good” (as they see it of course).

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