Canadian Oil – Thank you Mayor Nenshi. No thank you, Mayor Corderre.

ad-70507_1920Who would have thought that we would have to look to Mayor Nenshi to save our bacon?  However, he did stand up to his peer in Montreal, and credit must be given without reservation.

But that is not my main point.  The main point that I would like to make is a comment on the Montreal Mayor’s comments (supported by other mayors in Quebec) regarding the Pipeline East proposal and selling Alberta and Saskatchewan oil in Quebec.

The impudence and imprudence of Mayor Corderre of Montreal and his compatriots are astounding.  If his comments are to be believed and taken at face value, he would prefer to pay more for Venezuelan oil than to buy Western Canadian oil.  The denial of economic and environmental realities by this crowd is amazing to me.  Risking rail accidents with the increased rail shipping of oil, and paying more for their oil is a bad gamble, compounded by the lack of social licence and accountability, encouraging misogynistic and socially blighted regimes by purchasing their oil.

Makes me eager to find a way to create some distance between myself and the good mayor and his constituents.  Apparently, they would not mind such a separation, since they find us and our oil product so deeply offensive.

So now that Stephen Harper has moved on to make room for Trudeau the Second, national unity is back on the table, both in the East and the West.

I want to hear what you think!

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