Calgary Police Get Tough on (Traffic) Crime

car-1531273_1920The Calgary Police Service Communications Group deserves a huge shout out for audacity.  They released a press release saying that they needed more officers.  They gave us the obvious reason an apparent rise in violent crimes and break-ins.  Now I won’t quarrel with this (although I might).  Let’s just accept it at face value.  We need more officers in Calgary because of violent crime and break-ins.

But they followed up with a promise that the new hires would be self-financing.  How might you ask are they to be self-financing.  Are they to collect revenues from the criminals that they catch committing violent crime and break-ins?  No, they will increase revenues by giving out added traffic and speeding tickets.  These added revenues would pay for the new police.

The audacity of publicly stating that officers were needed to fight serious crime, but that all of their time would be spent giving out traffic tickets has to be admired for its boldness.  It could only be exceeded by the complete absence of critical thought from the press reporting on this story.

Further evidence, if any were needed, of the insidious conspiracy between the media and the police whereby the police feed violent stories to keep the media happy and the media support the police in all their initiatives.

I conclude with the following logic test.

  • There is an increase of serious crime in Calgary.
  • We need more police to chase the serious criminals.
  • They will be paid for with traffic revenue tickets.
  • The added police will be spending time on traffic tickets.
  • We still need more police to fight the serious crime.


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2 thoughts on “Calgary Police Get Tough on (Traffic) Crime

  1. John

    a gang of cps cops aiding a major canadian financial institution in sweeping beneath a rug a devastating bank safety deposit box identity theft!

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