How is it going?

We have purchased a home in Victoria. I have spent the last months there.

I am asked by some, “What are the differences that you have noticed?”

The politics of the climate change fanatics are crazy; that is different. Calgarians generally are better educated about climate change. But there is a richer answer to the difference between Calgary and Victoria, and it involves the people.

If you ask a Calgarian “Hey, how is it going?” you will get answers like: “I just read this great book,” “I just completed this great project,” “at work I just accomplished this,” or “at this social service agency, we just raised $_____ and started a new ____.”

The answer will be action-oriented and interesting. It will all be about people, achievement, innovation or excellence.

If you ask a Victorian the same question you will get the same answer 92% of the time: ”Isn’t this a wonderful place to live, isn’t the weather great and the climate most excellent, and don’t you love the vegetation?”

Calgarians top of mind topics are ideas, projects, interests, and achievements. Victorians are weather and vegetation.

Calgarians are happy to be in a community. Victorians are happy to live in a climate.

I want to hear what you think!

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