What would life be like if Calgary sold Enmax?

The Moral Argument

City of Calgary owns Enmax.

Enmax is a profitable, cash flow positive (so far) investment.

Their motto is a dramatic form of irony:

"You have the right to choose"

Applied to electrical purchasing, “you have the right to choose” is a fine motto.  But applied to ownership, it is a sad irony, because I am not free to choose between owning Enmax or not. I am compelled, through a collective financial interest as a taxpayer, to own a utility.  Or at least, I have all the risks of ownership and such of the rewards as my political municipal masters allow.

I should have the right to choose to own Enmax or not, to be exposed to the risks of ownership or not.  I Should Have the Right to Choose. Morally, I should be able to choose.

Remaining parts in the Enmax series:

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