CBC Cries for Itself in the Wake of Lufthansa Tragedy

A recent CBC TV news report video showed the horrific crash scene of the Lufthansa jet in France. The CEO of Lufthansa, laying the wreath and mourning the loss of so many lives, refused to take reporters’ questions pertaining to the pilot. So soon after this tragic event, what could be known? What answers could be had that would possibly assuage the grief of the families and employees?

With breathless intonation, the CBC news reader, over the shouts of the reporters in the open field, highlighted what for her was the essential part of the story. What was the essence of the story – the reporters attending at the scene were upset because the CEO ignored their questions.

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In this horrific scene of desperate tragedy, only a CBC news reader could find that highlight to focus upon in the presentation of this story. With all of the death and carnage, the pain and anguish of loss of life, for CBC the important feature to be noted was “the reporters were upset”.

The modern presentation of television news is just wrong.

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