Equality and privilege

Some animals are more important than others.

BC ferries are a new experience for me. They are so egalitarian. So Canadian. You line up together, no one gets ahead of anyone else. You all board the ship together and get off together. Everyone obeys the rules and are unfailingly polite.

Then a BC Cabinet Minister arrived.

The staff kept a whole lane empty in the car assembly area.

The limousine arrived, sweeping down the empty lane, complete with flag, like some eastern potentate or Russian Apparatchik. It passed all the parked cars and stopped right at the front of the ferry. First on and first off. Note that no one, repeat no one, is allowed to rank aside to this precious Minister of the Crown. The car is parked all by itself. The Lord and Master with his own precious parking spot on the ferry.

I had thought that the Canadian Laurentians were deferential to their betters. They cannot hold a candle to the BC citizens and their socialist masters. Indeed, Orwell’s prescient forecast is true and alive. Some BC animals are more equal than others.

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One thought on “Equality and privilege

  1. Peter Ballem

    Bob Edwards of the Calgary Eyeopener had one for this. Remind me to tell you of the Basford adaptation. I would rather this grandiose securing of a spot on the people’s ferry to using the Executive jet.

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