Great change

Can we turn the clock back on government intervention?  Will the pendulum reverse direction and recover to a mean?

I am beginning to fear not.  There are more government takers than providers. The political pendulum is weighted in the wrong direction with no apparent change of momentum or direction reversal in the foreseeable future.

Which means things will continue until they cannot.  If something cannot go on forever, it will not.  There is an end.  Bankruptcy and breakdown might be the end that is needed for a reversal.

“In matters of state, great change is possible, but frequently great change requires a close brush with disaster.”  We had that brush in the early ’90s that led to the Klein Revolution and the Chretien/Martin budget recovery.  But maybe we did not brush close enough to make the change permanent.

Provincially, in Alberta, we got a second brush with fiscal disaster. Let us hope that Albertans will support Jason and his team in the necessary change.  Let us hope that Albertans support tackling the large numbers in the provincial budget — salaries, benefits, and pensions.

I want to hear what you think!

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