Antropomorphic ​Ego

They Should be Arrested and Charge with Anthropic Pride

There is a billboard outside the National Art Gallery in Ottawa, at the entrance – the billboard advertises an exhibit entitled Anthropocene, the Age of Human Influence.  The advertisement declares that “Mankind has affected the earth more than all the processes of nature.”  

I have seen very stupid advertisements.  But this one took the prize.  Ignoring the obvious point that humans are part of the processes of nature, what an egotistic statement.  

Did the author seriously think that humanity’s impact on the earth could even come close in scale to the tectonic forces that created the Himalayan mountains of Nepal and the Rockies of North America?  What has man ever done to approach the power and dynamic of even one 24 hour tide cycle around the world?  Compared to the forces of nature, we are nothing.

As my sainted mother used to say, “Lord love a duck.”

The Climate Kooks who put this exhibit on, at taxpayers’ expense, should be named and shamed; the charge, “Over Weaning Anthropic Pride.”

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