Governmental Arrogance

Alberta passed the Alberta Land Stewardship Act. With this law, according to the announcements, the Alberta government, could manage all the land of Alberta, all the water in Alberta, and even the air over Alberta.

In ancient times, King Canute stood on the shores of England, he held his hand up and declared that by his decree the tides should cease. Canute had nothing on the Alberta government. The Alberta Land Stewardship Act, purporting to give Albertans, through their government, the ability to manage all the land, air, and water of Alberta was beyond even the aspirations of Canute.

It is truly laughable, that a government, a group of people in Edmonton, could honestly think that they can manage all the land, water and air of Alberta. Our governors to presume to have god-like powers.

If the consequences were not so serious one could collapse in laughter.

But regrettably, the law is serious and has now gained a life of its own. The researchers, communications consultants, lawyers, and engineers are fully occupied in implementing the Alberta Land Stewardship Act. The cost of this folly is enormous, and dismantling it would take millions, maybe billions of dollars.

We are going to pay the price for decades for the intellectual and spiritual arrogance of our political masters.

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