A North American Cold War With a Rush’n Ottawa

A North American Cold War With a Rush’n Ottawa

During the Cold War, everyone agreed that a nuclear exchange between Russia and the US was not a good outcome.

Russia and the US developed tripwires that came between a conflict and a nuclear war.  Russia had the Eastern Bloc, and the US had the European countryside and NATO.

If Russian soldiers invaded Europe, they hit many tripwires before nuclear war was an option.  First, German armed border guards.  Then a platoon of NATO riflemen, next NATO artillery and tanks, followed by NATO fighters and rockets.  Finally, if the Russians persisted, and cooler heads had not prevailed, nuclear arms.

In the Canadian Federation, everyone agrees on one thing: Alberta separation is not a good outcome.

We need good tripwires.  Alberta needs to have its one police and pension fund.  Albertans need to set their own medical and health programs.  Albertans need to develop an immigration plan.  Albertans need to protect themselves.  Separation is the ultimate possibility, but like the Russians invading Europe, Ottawa has to cross tripwires on the way to separation, the final, possible outcome.

Otherwise, separation becomes the only option.

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