Protect the Citadel

Why do I suggest we need Alberta Police, Alberta Pension, Alberta tax collection, Alberta immigration and Alberta health care management?

“Fight at the outposts, and the citadel will be secure.”

Alberta is our citadel. Keep the fight at the outposts. Avoid fighting on the ramparts of the citadel. The outposts are independent police to create a possible armed defence, collecting our taxes and pensions to have possession of the money, managing our immigration to protect our distinct culture and heritage. Win these fights, and we can defend the citadel.

But understand, we fight at the outposts because the citadel is threatened. And each fight at an outpost is a reminder that we will fight at the citadel ramparts as well, with greater ferocity.

Quebecers learned this long ago; we should study from the same playbook.

I want to hear what you think!

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